Golden throat pills 12 drops 24 gr.




A quick help during a cool,  cold session. Helps to clear a trembling voice, ease the pain of sore throat and the symptopms of flu like swalloing difficulties, dry throat. Helps with easy breathing. Cure for sore, swollen, dry throat, hoarse voice, associated with cold, flu, laryngophartngitis.

Ingredients: Honey, Menthol Crystals Eukalyptus, Monk fruit (Cinese Luo han guo), dried tangerine peel, anise oil, cane sugar

Usage: minimum 1 pill, maximum 6 pills /day. Suck the pill slowly. No drinks or food 30 min. after using. No side effects. For children must be used under the supervision of an adult!

Store in cool, dry place.


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