HERBA GOLD Activ Balm 75ML – 3x Economy Pack



Economy pack 3x HERBA GOLD Activ Balm
Have you ever had skin rashes, when you get a rash caused by a cosmetic or cleaning product? Eczema is a common allergic reaction to your skin, which seeks to defend preservatives, with whom it comes into contact.

 HERBA GOLD Activ Balm is helpful for lots of skin problems, including Acne, Psoriasis, Skin Fungus, Nail Problems and dry skin!


• Daily care for face and body

• Dry skin for all ages
HERBA GOLD Activ Balm -the Healing Balm is the perfect balm to relieve dry, itchy, damaged or irritated skin.
Plant extracts make cream bright yellow color that is rapidly absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. Use HERBA GOLD ACTIVE Balm is very broad, since it can be applied to any part of the body.
• Ingredients:
• vitamin A, E, B5,
• Beta-carotene,
• PABA vitamins
• honey, glycerin, primrose
• natural flavonoids,
• extract of ginkgo biloba,
• extract ognjičevega oil
• corn germ,
• linseed oil,
• oil from pumpkin seeds.
Instructions for use:
Many families used Balm for traditional purposes, as well as with everyday problems such as minor injuries not requiring medical assistance.


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